Monthly Special roll

January (Alice Cooper roll)

Fresh tuna, avocado, asparagus, topped with spicy yellow tail. $11

Febuary (Be my valentines roll)

Spicy crab meat, spicy tuna, asparagus, topped with tuna. it is shaped in a heart shape for your perfect valentines. $9.99

March ( Futomaki roll )

It is filled with carrot, Inari, sweet egg, lettuce, daikon, cucumber and avocado araped in seaweed. it is the perfect roll for the occasion. 

April ( Sunshine Roll)

This month’s Special roll is filled with smoke salmon, cream cheese, avocado topped with steamed shrimp, avocado, Italian flakes and drizzed in our special yum yum sauce.

May( Oh-Snap Roll) $10

this roll is filled with spic crab meat, cream cheese and topped tempura red snapper. It is simple yet delicious. 

June (The Kill Bill Roll)

This special roll is filled with spicy tuna, spicy I yellow tail, topped with fresh tuna, white tuna and red tobiko. 

July “ The Hulk Roll “

Wrapped with tempura solft shell crab, cucumber, avocado topped with grilled bbq eel, avocado and green wasabi tobiko. 


August (Tuna Island)

spicy tuna, cilantro, marinated jalapeño, mango, avocado, and black tobiko.

September (One last taste of summer)

Spicy red snapper, avocado, cucumber topped with spicy salmon, cilantro, mango, and seaweed salad.

October (ghost in blue)

tempura shrimp, avocado, cream cheese topped with baked crab meat, cherry tomato, and jalapeño.

November ( mount Fuji)

tempura tilapia, cucumber, marinated jalapeno, topped with spicy tuna. 

December (Fruit Ninja)

crab meat , salmon, cucumber marinated in citric sauce topped with mango and avocado, flying tobiko.